Glovo By Night

Glove By Night aims to make the user see that it can also be used at night. The screens presented here, will serve to show a design related to the vespers and the life that brings with it.

The way to make this a visible event, is that from a certain time (depending on the season and even the country) is that there is a shift in the design and color of the app. Same as when the streetlights start to light when the sun sets.


Member Gets Member

Test for Glovo app, MGM (Member Gets Member): The main idea is to create a gamification within the application to encourage users to invite their friends to download and make use of the app.

Under the claim Who has a friend, has a treasure, the game consists of having the user fill a trunk with coins and a diamond, which at the same time represent the steps the user has to do to get free shipping Glovo.

Here are some videos of the different process the users would find.

Part 1: Member get member process


Part 1: User two gets invitation and confirms


Part 3: User one confirms the process to get a free delivery



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